Academy Award Nominations 2013

This year I saw three movies that were nominated: LES MISERABLES, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, and ARGO. I liked all three of them, but LES MISERABLES especially. It had me in its grips from the first number that Hugh Jackman did to the very last note sung by the cast. I think they were all great performances. Tom Hooper has really taken the musical genre to a high level. I think what he did rivals ALL THAT JAZZ, my all time favorite musical movie.

As for performances this year, I liked Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne in LES MISERABLES. I liked Jennifer Lawrence in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and Alan Arkin in ARGO.

IMDB profiles of some of the nominees: Jennifer Lawrence | Hugh Jackman | Tommy Lee Jones | Ben Affleck

Here are some IMDB profiles I'm following: Liv Alexander | Russell Crowe | James Franco

Here's a video review of the trailer scenes depicted in LES MISÉRABLES.

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