A matter of life and death is hugely ambitious.

An exquisite 3 hour portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ conceived in 1999 from a desire to do better justice on the big screen to the greatest story ever told.

Groundbreaking in its unsanitised screenplay, eclectic historical research and authentic soundtrack as well as the envisaged use of a Middle-Eastern cast and monumental reconstructions of urban Roman Judea.

Theologically orthodox yet bold in its extensive use of non-canonical material the film is intended as a mainstream blockbuster enticing cinemagoers with the closest experience yet to being in the First Century Levant with the man who changed history so profoundly as to make his world the "First" Century.

After twelve years of research and writing, the sixth major revision of the screenplay is now complete.
Major studio investment is being sought. A name producer and director would be desirable.

Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" proved to Hollywood that an openly faith-based film can be presented in a new and mainstream way without compromising its integrity, and go on to become a blockbuster.

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