Guerilla Filmmaker

Not very original title, I know; but it is a term that is well understood by everyone involved with independent filmmaking.

I write these essays with a sense of urgency, because they are intended as a survival guide for indie filmmakers during treacherous times. The technology and business practices are changing quickly; there is not enough time to explain everything, so I will jump right in.

1. Directing Actors Guerilla Style.

2. Guerilla Film Ideas.

3. Film Finance 201.

4. Selling Yourself Short as an Indie Filmmaker.

5. Non-Linear Editing - how it affects the art of filmmaking.

6. Why are actors always looking for parts?

7. How do you define filmmaking? -- Mar. 22, 2012.

[Filmmaking A to Z by Vic Alexander]

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Posted Aug. 29, 2011

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