Actors are always looking for parts.

[Filmmaking A to Z by Vic Alexander]

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There are thousands of actors in Hollywood competing for a few hundred roles. Only a handful see work, to get on a stage, to perform and be recognized; to be applauded and pampered is the desire of every actor and actress.

Who get the parts? Why always the same people? Only a few get to live in mansions in Beverly Hills, a few steps from Sunset Strip, where dreams turn into nightmares.

What is this business of seeking for parts to play, movies to make? A need for expression, a desire for recognition, or a primordial instinct for survival and proliferation. Let's say it, procreation. It isn't a dirty word, you know.

Well, it could be, if you don't know how to say it, to do it right, when it goes wrong; but then life can't go on without having to make something right after it started out wrong.

Oh, only to get on that stage, even better to make it to that set where the arc lights shine in a circle around those who are destined to be stars.

Sept. 4, 2011

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