Feature Film Workshop

[35mm cinematography]If you want to make movies, but don't want to spend a lifetime learning how, you've come to the right place. I've spent a lifetime making movies and I can bring you up to speed real fast. After you take this workshop, you'll hit the street running toward making your first movie. There are a lot of schools popping up on the Internet that claim to give you hands-on experience with filmmaking. I'll not only do that for you, you'll shoot a movie too. You'll operate the film camera, record sound, direct scenes and learn every aspect of filmmaking, such as staging fights and doing special effects safely. You'll experience how an entire movie is shot and put together, in addition you'll learn about the craft of production design, art direction, set construction, location work, make-up, hair, special effects, scheduling and production management. [film location shooting movie]

The workshop is a continuing process of serious film production work that engages the participants according to a flexible schedule. You can learn as fast as you like and the fees for attending the workshop are structured over a period of time, so that you can handle it and be involved in those areas of filmmaking that you want to work in most. You can choose emphasis in cinematography, sound, producing, directing actors and acting, specific crew positions, editing and so on. It doesn't matter how much you know about filmmaking, I can help you get to the next level. And some of my best students have been women.

After you finish the workshop, you'll be ready to make your own movie. There are five areas of filmmaking that are critical: script writing, shooting (camera and sound,) directing actors and crew, producing (co-producing, line producing and executive producing,) and editing. Each of these areas of filmmaking is incorporated in the workshop.

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