The Apostles

The story of the early Apostolic Churches that began two thousand years ago. This is a feature film project. I'm asking for collaborators in front of the camera and behind the camera. Many of you have already expressed interest in this project. If you're a part of the project, you don't need to respond to this notice. I'm looking for more collaborators who can help me with crowd funding the project.

This project was started through the Indiegogo campaign for the Ancient Aramaic Church (AAC). The AAC was successfully launched as the Church Not Made With Hands. This time the funding will concentrate on the movie project alone. This is a request for collaboration so a new Indiegogo campaign can begin with many collaborators.

If you're interested in participating, please respond to this notice as soon as possible. Casting will begin soon. I need your feedback and promotion through the social media.

The recent movies coming out about the Bible have all been successful. There is a trend for making entertainment with faith based themes. Check out my background as a filmmaker online. Here's my film page and my Bible translation page --Vic Alexander ©2014

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