Classical Stories into Movies

[Burt Ward in Star Quest]


As an actor, BURT WARD was a pleasure to work with. He was surely the "boy wonder" he claimed to be. Always punctual, and ready with his lines. His memory is phenomenal. He could've done the whole movie in one take, I believe, if he wanted to. Occasionally he would ask to do a take another time. He worked very hard and helped us with many great suggestion, based on his many years of acting.

LIV ALEXANDER starred and produced the movie. She wanted to work with classical stories, and for a long time she talked to me about doing one of Henrik Ibsen plays. "A Doll's House" was made many times, and so were some of the other ones. I looked for one that hadn't been done, and when I read "Fruen fra havet," or "The Lady from the Sea," I knew I had the right story for Liv.

I was thrilled to do this film with Liv, because I'd be able to translate the Ibsen play from original Norwegian into English with her help. This was bound to give the movie an authentic feel. The final result is a movie with a classical touch. In the translation process, there were many expressions that I felt needed to be conveyed correctly, and searching for the right way to say a line of dialogue sometimes took a long time. We discussed everything and agreed on the best way between us.

The final screenplay was a successful adaptation of the Ibsen play into a movie that we could shoot artistically, allowing for every department in the making of the film to achieve something unique.[Directing Liv]

We have some beautiful sets designed by George Pierson, terrific costumes by Barbara Anne Kline and creative lighting by Robert Pinkey, the DP. Everyone on the crew did a fabulous job.

The sets were specially built and we shot the movie on a sound stage that we rented and constructed just for this project. The end result is a highly artistic and classic motion picture that can be enjoyed over the years by all audiences.

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