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[Filmmaking A to Z by Vic Alexander]

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The film industry is going through a transformation because of the Internet. For the first time since the anti-trust days when studios couldn't produce and exhibit their own movies freely, there's an opportunity for independents to compete alongside the multi-billion dollar film studios. The Internet cannot be controlled like the theatrical, TV or cable marketplace. Major studios can outspend independents when it comes to hiring major movie stars, producing special effects and advertising at the major film festivals, but they can't keep out the independents from reaching an audience, because content is what determines how many people watch a certain movie on the Internet, not advertising. If the Internet becomes the dominant arena for movie exhibition, then the success of a movie becomes more than just how much money you can throw at it. Finally, it'll be possible for independents to reach the marketplace and ultimately the playing field is evened out. It's the production value of a movie, its content, story and intrinsic qualities that will determine how many people will get to watch it. Communication skills on the Internet are what will decide the success of movies. Of course, advertising is still the key to attract the viewers initially, but cost effective advertising on the Internet is much broader and easier to deal with. It's no longer possible to simply outspend the competition and push out brilliant movies from the marketplace by simply drowning them out with heavily advertised no-brainers.

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