Film is Still the Best Medium

Lest we overlook one very important aspect of technology with respect to film, it is that the engineers and industrialists will constantly have to invent new media and the equipment to service that media so they can continue to manufacture and sell new products. This is called progress -- but not in the arts.

For us, those of us who are filmmakers, we must remember that film is the only permanent medium. Video and digital will all disintegrate within a few years, and in some cases even less than that. Look at how much has already been lost. For example, NASA has begun using video cameras in their space exploration; now everything they record will eventually be lost, and the irony is that they have virtually unlimited resources, so it didn't have to be that way. The digital media recorded on magnetic media, by their very nature, are doomed to oblivion.

Film can be re-mastered every hundred years. This makes it a permanent medium. Look at the ancient civilizations, such as Ashur and Rome, the only thing that remains of their arts are the sculptures. For us film is the only medium that captures the excellence of our culture. As filmmakers we must insure that film and film equipment is never abandoned in favor of the immediacy of video and the digital technologies.

Tape is already finished; hard drives and memory devices are replacing tape. The post production houses are converting to tapeless technologies. Most of them don't even have the tape machines to service the older formats, such as the one inch masters, the three-quarter video and other analogue formats.

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