Immortal One

GENRE: Action Drama

Juan discovers he has a miraculous gift for healing, but the church disparages it as evil; banished from the monastery he ends up caught between a ruthless Mexican Drug Cartel and a village on the brink of a massacre. Can this gift help him save the village?

Juan miraculously heals a young companion, and becomes inundated by the afflicted, much to the consternation of the church, who feels his power and growing renown is a denigration of God.

The Monastery Vicar unable to stop Juan’s growing celebrity and healings derides him as a proxy of the devil, and forces him to leave the sanctuary.

Juan saves a terrified young mother, Rosita, and her wounded son, Paolo, from a brutal Drug Cartel’s pursuit. They barely survive a pueblo’s total annihilation, and flee the senseless violence.

Caught in the middle trying to protect Rosita and her village being overrun by the ruthless drug cartel, Juan takes a stand but is mortally wounded and left for dead.

He miraculously recovers and confronts the cartel and its leader Antonio (el terrible) Camacho hours later. Confronting the mortally wounded Juan alive and well kindles great fear in most cartel members realizing they are dealing with someone more than a man, most flee, however Antonio stays to finish him, but fails again and loses his own life.

Juan saves the village and Rosita, and inspires a nation to stand up and end the violence in Mexico. 

Screenplay is by Ron Meade.

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