Immortal One Characters Breakdown

Protagonist: Juan Sandoval – Male – Latino or Caucasian Age Range: Initially 12 years old. 30-ish in the main body of the film. 

Background: An orphaned child he lives a normal life in a Catholic Monastery until an accident he’s involved in changes everything. In addition, he is haunted by some unresolved issues from his past. Occupation: He works as an Elementary teacher at the monastery. 

Goal: To save a small village from a massacre, and atone for a past misgiving. 
Character Traits: Humble, Magnetic presence, Concealing, Self-doubts, Blessed with a Miraculous Gift 

Antagonist: Antonio (el terrible) Camacho – Male – Latino Age Range: 35 - 45 

Background: Having been involved in illicit activities since youthful days, he has consolidated power through sheer ruthlessness and brutal slayings to become one of the most wanted men in all of Mexico. 

Occupation: Drug Cartel Kingpin 

Goal: Rule the Mexican drug trade, and control wide territories for distribution throughout Mexico.

Character Traits: Ruthless, Deceptive, Corrupt, Greedy, Slippery 

Character: Padre Francisco –Male – Latino or Caucasian Age Range: 40 – 60 Background: Staunch Catholic upbringing where he was beaten if he couldn’t recite the Book of Revelation as a child, he has carried over this inflexible approach to his sermons, and anything that is new or original. Occupation:  Catholic Vicar at the Monastery. 

Goal: Manage the Monastery the way it’s been run for 100 years, and vanquish Juan to irrelevance. Character Traits: Nice exterior, Jealous, Manipulative, Concealing 

Character: Pedro Castillo – Male – Latino Age Range: Initially 12 years old. 30-ish in the main story. 

Background: Raised in the Monastery with Juan, they become inseparable friends. As an adult he scratches out a humble living as a farmer and shepherd. 

Occupation:  Sheep herder/farmer. 

Goal: Live a simple life in gratitude, and support Juan in his time of need. 

Character Traits: Supportive, Humble, Strategist. 

Character: Rosita Delgado – Female – Latino Age Range: 25 – 35 Background: Sadly witnessed her husband and parents get brutally murdered by the cartel. Tries to stay one step ahead of them. 

Occupation:  Desperate mother of her sickly son Paolo. Scraps for a living where she can. 

Goal: Save her son, and find a safe place to live with him. 

Character Traits: Caring, Scared, Distrusting, Crafty 

Character: Paolo Delgado – Male – Latino Age: 8 

Background: Born prematurely, he is plagued with an undiagnosed illness that saps his energy. 

Goal: Survive some place safe, and help his mother get by. 

Character Traits: Bashful, Panicked, Curious, Giving 

Character: Sister Carmen Maria – Female – Latino or Caucasian Age Range:  40 – 60 Background: Coming from a very humble existence, and having grown up in the Monastery, Carmen has embraced the poor village children as her new family. She is very nurturing and responsive and inspires the best from her students. 

Occupation:  Teaching nun at the Monastery. 
Goal: Educate the generally impoverished children from the local village. Inspire others to rise above their personal challenges. She serves as a positive influence guiding Juan to accept his gift. 

Character Traits: Caring, Modest, Distrusting of Authority, Secretive 

Character: Sister Luisa Eleanor – Female – Latino or Caucasian Age Range:  50 – 60 Background: Her life has been a series of disappointments. She sought a life of happiness and miracles, but when confronted with one she does everything in her power to invalidate it. 

Occupation:  Head nun at the Monastery. 

Goal: Tyrannically rule the nuns at the Monastery.  Discredit and subjugate Juan as a charlatan. 

Character Traits: Manipulative, Distrusting, Conspiring, Political 

Character: Roberto Martinez – Male – Latino Age Range: 30 - 45. 

Background: Brutalized by the cartel years ago, and having lost his wife to them he schemes to defend his village, and reclaim his wife. 

Occupation:  Mechanic. 

Goal: Get his revenge on Antonio Camacho for stealing his wife, and get her back. 

Character Traits: Scheming, Evasive, Determined, Withholding 

Character: Angelina Martinez – Female – Latino Age Range: 25 – 35 Background: Highly desired by men because of her exotic looks, she is abducted from the small village she lived in with her husband Roberto. 

Occupation:  Wife and mother. 

Goal: Can she trade off more than just her looks to escape the clutches of the cartel. 

Character Traits: Scared, Nervous, Manipulative, Smooth

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