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We sell short ends and long ends of 35mm motion picture film -- the latest Vision 3 films and all the others too. The new Vision 3 ASA 50D film 5203 is out now. This is the replacement to the 5201 film. It's hard to believe that the 5201 could be improved on, but there it is: Kodak keeps improving their films!

One of the newest films that has come out of Eastman Kodak is the 5230. This is a strange addition to the roster of ASA 500T films. It is a Vision 3 film, but it has the old look of 5279! The grain structure is Vision 3 technology, but the exposure latitude of Vision 2 films (12 stops instead of 14). To my eye, 5230 looked warm and grainy, however, almost like the 5207! It's supposed to have better color saturation too, but I didn't notice this in the tests. It's an interesting film. It definitely has the look of low budget filmmaking of the 80s. Personally, I'm sticking with 5219, as the most versatile film -- if you're going to use one film stock for everything.

I had the new Vision 3 ASA 200T film screened for me a few months ago. This is the 5213. It is a spectacular film. We still have EK 5217, EK 5219 ASA 500T and EK 5207 ASA 250D and the still current Vision 2 stocks as well. We can get you any stock: Vision 1 and even older. We also sell 35mm recans and factory sealed film stock. We have the expertise to test the film and package it for various genres of production. Emulsion and speed of film are responsible for different looks, some are better suited for certain genres than others. Keep in mind, film stock is organic, it's made from organic elements, from gelatin and natural fibers. We know its makeup and characteristics. This is not like digital technology -- images captured via combinations of "0" and "01" codes; film is a real image captured on an organic medium. It has longevity and intrinsic value.

Although many emulsions of film have been discontinued and short ends are becoming hard to find, you can still buy 35mm rawstock for your production at incredibly low prices. I will show you how to shoot 35mm film for less than the cost of shooting 16mm film. As for shooting digital, forget it, 35mm film production is much cheaper by the time you are done. I have been an independent filmmaker since 1968. I have shot films all over the world. I can get you 35mm rawstock, current emulsion film stock, strip-tested, color-matched and ready to shoot at unbeatable prices. E-Mail me for a quote: You can pay me securely via PayPal. I recommend PayPal for all credit card and electronic check users. If you need more information about filmstock or pricing, click here to send me a form mail.

Vic Alexander, 827 Hollywood Way #70, Burbank, CA 91505

[Fellini directing]

I sell rawstock from Hollywood's major studio productions at incredibly loq prices. This film is tested and the results have been read on the Densitometer. This is not some outdated or chemically fogged raw stock. All the film rolls I sell are from the excess short ends from 2,000 foot, 1,000 foot or 400 foot rolls of different emulsions and speeds that have already passed the scrutiny of Hollywood cinematographers and lab technicians. I sell also full loads, factory sealed or recans of 1000 footers or 400 footers, but these are for more money. If you want a special package of film stock, let me know the amount of footage, emulsion and speed. If you're looking for an incredible deal on any raw stock, just e-mail me. I'll get back to you within an hour or two if not sooner.

Although most of the film stock that is available is of the most popular emulsions that Hollywood cinematographers shoot, I can still find you some of the older emulsions also.

You can purchase 35mm Eastman Kodak motion picture camera VISION film ASA 500 Tungsten in 1,000 ft. increments in short ends of 200-390 ft. rolls. If you're looking for a specific film stock in the ASA 500 series or one of the other new VISION 2 emulsions, such as the 5229, 5217, 5218, 5219 (Vision 3), 5212, 5205, 5201 send me an e-mail and let me know what your project requires. Then I will let you know about availability of other speeds or emulsions. I ship internationally. If you are concerned about X-Ray during shipment, I will find a way of getting you the film without X-Ray or any other kind of damage.

I can find you all the Eastman Kodak emulsions in short ends. EK 5218 Vision 2 ASA 500T is still available. I attended the Kodak introduction ceremony for this film stock. If you need some answers about the grain structure or color rendition specs, just e-mail me.

The new 5201 is perhaps Eastman Kodak's greatest film. It's slow, ASA 50 D, but it has tremendous latitude, color rendition and sharpness.

Less frequently now, I can find you packages of the 5279, 5284, 5289, 5277, 5263, 5274, 5246, 5284 and 5293 emulsions. The first four are ASA 500 tungsten, and the others are ASA 320 tungsten, 200 tungsten, 250 daylight and 200 tungsten, respectively. I also have emulsions: 5298, 5248 and 5245, which are ASA 500 tungsten, 100 tungsten and 50 daylight respectively. I can supply you with all the other emulsions and Fuji stocks as well. Everything is pre-tested and double-checked.

Just remember, 35mm production is the most cost-effective way to make movies. Just do the math. How much does it cost you to transfer your digital movie to 35mm prints for screening in theaters? There you have it. If you shoot 35mm color negative, you are one step away from a 35mm print, and it does not cost as much as a one day session in a digital editing suite.

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