How to shoot a 35mm movie all by yourself

I'm an indie filmmaker. I like shooting feature films as my own artistic expressions, like a painter paints or a sculptor sculpts. I like to edit them myself as well.

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I also enjoy collaborative filmmaking and I've done a lot of that. I'm always happy to consider a new project. I love to shoot, record sound or edit. I like all aspects of the craft. As long as it has to do with movies, I love it. It's what I've done all my life: make movies, tell stories and use my imagination.

The following video clip shows me shooting with the Arri 2c. It shows me setting up the shot and then shooting the scene that follows. The cuts are not meant to show continuity, but the set ups. I move in and then shoot a short take. There is one shot where I make a small move around the actresses. I turn around and get set for the last shot: the two actresses walking away from the camera.

I shoot MOS. I then record the dialogue afterwards. The actresses in this sequence did the lines according to the script, and I synched everything up on the Cinemonta flatbed. I also use an Upright Moviola.

I can edit on Final Cut Pro as well, and the sound and the music tracks I now edit on the computer; but I also have the Magnasync Moviola dubber when I'm doing it all in 35mm.

I think 35mm filmmaking will endure as long as there are filmmakers who appreciate the art of film. Digital is great for Youtube and the Internet. I enjoy sharing this video clip with you, for example.

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