Nazi Propaganda Exposed

[Nazi propaganda film archives used in Yael's movie.]Here's a movie by Israeli filmmaker Yael Hersonski, A FILM UNFINISHED. Finding an old Nazi film in the archives regarding the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland, the filmmaker realized that this was an unfinished propaganda effort of the Nazis to dehumanize the Jewish residents of the occupied city and then to justify the extermination of the Jewish people there. The Nazi filmmakers developed a technique of juxtaposing wealthy Jews with poor Jews in the ghetto to show the lack of sympathy of the rich for the poor; this as a cultural anomaly of the Jewish people in general. Their plan was to show how the wealthy Jews were only concerned with their own selfish needs. They were portrayed as enjoying wealth, decadent entertainment, excessive fashion, and a greedy lifestyle. These wealthy Jews were depicted as not caring about the poor Jewish people in the ghetto, which lived like rats. The poor people in turn were shown living in poverty and unsanitary, overcrowded quarters. The Nazi filmmakers used mean and devilish methods of creating a bad image for the entire Jewish culture of that city. There was no area of lifestyle that was left untouched. Then, as if disgusted by all they had created through manipulation, the Nazi filmmakers abandoned the film and it remained for over half a century in a few film cans, barely marked with a reference to the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Israeli documentary team and the director took the footage and created a memorable record of this Nazi propaganda monstrosity. They showed exactly what the Nazis were trying to do to justify the murder of millions of Jews. Click here or on the poster of the film to the right to see the trailer.